Bus Puno – Copacabana – La Paz

Transportation Service in Buses of Puno - Copacabana - La Paz

Our schedules are for all our clients that arrive to the city of Puno, from the different places like; Cusco, Arequipa, Moquegua or Tacna. Wishing to make connection on your trip from Puno to Copacabana - La Paz.

$ 15.00 Price per person in shared service.


05:30 am Our clients (passengers) must appear at the bus terminal (land terminal) with their voucher that has been issued by TITICACA EXPEDITIONS at the time of booking, (document with which you must make a redemption for the bus ticket ); Before boarding you must present your passport, migration card and your bus ticket for verification.

6:00 am the bus leaves for Copacabana (2 hrs and a half approx.) And arrives at KASANI, border of PERU - BOLIVIA, where passengers must present the following documents in the migration office: passport and the passport. migrations; the control is in both countries. After the document review, the bus continues its journey to Copacabana (20 min more than trip).

10:00 am (Bolivian time) arrival in Copacabana, considered in Bolivia as cultural heritage; for its religious celebrations and traditional festivals. The bus's arrival point is on Av. 6 Agosto with Av. 16 Julio. Where the change of mobility is made by a bus of 1 floor to cross the Strait of TIQUINA, 10:30 am (Bolivian Time) we leave to La Paz, after traveling (1h approx.), We cross the Strait of Tiquina , the bus is transported on a ferry and the people in a motorized boat.

3:00 pm (Bolivian Time) arrival in the city of La Paz (main terminal): end of Av. Uruguay with Av. Peru.



05:30 am Presentation of the passengers at the bus station with the voucher issued by TITICACA TRAVEL PERU, to make change for the bus ticket.
06:00 am Departure from the bus to the city of Copacabana.
08:15 am Arrival at Kasani, border Peru - Bolivia and document control in the migration office of both countries.
10:00 am HB Arrival to the city of Copacabana and bus stop to leave for La Paz.
10:30 am HB Bus departure to La Paz.
11:30 am HB Arrival at the TIQUINA strait.
02:00 pm HB Arrival at the bus station in the city of La Paz. (end of Av. Uruguay with Av. Peru.).

We have a second option from Puno - La Paz Direct

Puno La Paz salidas 7.00am

It includes

  • Book and purchase bus tickets in advance.
  • Boarding fee, (payment by right of the bus station).